Required Pre-Participation Paperwork

Parents & Guardians,


In order for your student to participate in athletics, cheer, dance, or marching band, the UIL and CSISD require a YEARLY physical exam and medical history prior to any participation. These physical exams are to be completed by a physician only! In addition to a physical, CSISD also requires students and their parent or guardian to fill out several online forms through the Planet High School platform.

Your student will only be allowed to participate once your physical and online forms have been completed and approved in PlanetHS for the current school year. 

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Download a blank copy of the  UIL-approved physical form & see physical exam requirements

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In addition to a yearly physical, CSISD also requires parents and students to fill out several online forms through the Planet High School platform each year. All 5 forms must be completed on both the student and parent / guardian accounts. If you have any issues with PlanetHS, email

If you cannot remember your username and/or password, email DO NOT MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT

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Physicals will be accepted for the upcoming school year only if they are physician dated on or after April 1st of the current year (example: physicals for the 2022-23 school year must be physician dated on or after April 1, 2022). 

Physical exams may be completed on CSISD Middle School Physical Day (see tab below) where they will be collected and uploaded to your PlanetHS account by your Athletic Trainer upon completion. If you prefer to see your family physician, have them use the UIL Approved Physical Exam Form. Once completed, please upload the physical exam document directly into your Planet High School account. Please do NOT send hard copies to your athletic trainer, coach, school nurse, front office, or school counselors.

2022-23 UIL Physical Form
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Your CSISD Athletic Training programs host 3 'Physical Day' events each year with the help of hundreds of volunteers. Our goal is to provide a convenient, efficient, and low-cost option for your student to receive their UIL-required physical exam. In addition to benefiting our students, each Physical Day event is also the primary fundraiser for each Athletic Training program, which means your payment goes directly towards providing the highest quality healthcare for your student.

Find information for this year's Middle School Physical Day below.

2022 Middle School Physical Day - Information & Sign Up Instructions
2022 Middle School Physical Day - Instructions for the Day Of