Athletic Training Room Rules

  1. The Athletic Trainer is available on-campus during every before or after school practice, every home event, and throughout the entirety of the school day. This means that your student has ample opportunity to report any injuries sustained while participating in AMCMS UIL events to the Athletic Trainer and is expected to do so as soon as possible

  2. All doctor's notes should be turned into the Athletic Trainer (not Coaches) to ensure that injuries are properly managed and activity restrictions are carried out.

  3. If a student is injured outside of AMCMS UIL-related activity, they must bring a doctor's note prior to receiving any medical treatment from the AMCMS Athletic Trainer. 

  4. Students who require an evaluation or treatment are encouraged to arrive before school (building doors open at 7:45am). Those who are not able to arrive before school begins may still be seen for treatment / rehabilitation during their athletic period at the discretion of the Athletic Trainer. 

  5. Students are responsible for returning all issued equipment in good condition (braces, crutches, modalities, etc).

  6. All students receiving treatment are required to sign-in upon entering the Athletic Training Room.

  7. Only students receiving treatment/rehab will be allowed in the Athletic Training Room.

  8. Appropriate clothing is required in the Athletic Training Room. If you have a lower body injury please wear shorts.

  9. The following are not allowed in the Athletic Training Room. Students who are unable to comply with these rules will be asked to leave regardless of if they have completed their treatment or not. 

    • Food or drink of any kind

    • Cell phone or headphone usage

    • Loitering, horseplay, or foul / inappropriate language